Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little Space

Genevieve loves the access she has to the twenty-somethings who either work for Smith & Vallee or are friends with Smith & Vallee employees.  She likes their makeup, occasional high heels, internet savvy and energy. 

A few months ago she started sneaking into the gallery for frequent visits with Berit and I noticed she was staying in there for longer than usual.  Berit's a busy woman and doesn't have time to add constant entertainer of G to her duties so this was out of the norm.  Eventually she checked in with me and said, "Genevieve's been telling me that you need a little space and so you told her to come in and hang out with me.  I believed her at first - but now I'm not so sure..."  Nice play G!  Berit and I shared a good laugh at Genevieve's wiles.  I wonder how many other people she's used this "my mom needs a little space" line on.

Today was the Edison-wide garage sale.  We unearthed all of the baby gear and miscellaneous crap that we've acquired and purged it all to two saw horse tables in front of the shop.  Our living space was all churned up and so was our usual Saturday routine - a little more exciting and a lot messier and exhausting. We managed to sell more than we bought and scored two new rose bushes.

Genevieve got to be feral for most of the day and had unlimited access to Berit and her friend Caitlyn, who kindly let my little weirdo play beauty salon with her on the front porch.


I can't explain the orange goggles.

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