Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thunderstorms, Mermaids and Swallows Abound

Ugh, I'm off my feed today.  Ugh, I hate that saying.  See?

Genevieve's birthday party is tomorrow and only because I love her to the end of the mermaid's ocean and back did I venture on to Burlington Boulevard on a Saturday afternoon to shop in stores full of cheaply made crap scouting out all things Ariel to spend too much money on. 

I left home in a thunderstorm and knew just how mother nature felt when she let out her bellowing thunder and lashed out with bolts of lightening.  Then I took pause and laughed at myself for being so dramatic.  Well, I tried to laugh, but it was more like an Ursula cackle.

The rain smashed the shit out of my delphiniums.  In my extreme state of melodrama I took this photo of my attempts at enjoying their fleeting beauty,

and right as I started grumbling about the bird crap all over my porch I heard the hungry peeps of these sweeties peaking out of their nest

elated to see their mama swooping in with food.

I bet this mama bird didn't have time to bitch about anything today, she was too busy feeding her babies.  I eased back in to my house with a shifted attitude, ready to bake birthday cupcakes with this siren of the kitchen.

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