Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Old Friends

Old friends from Drew's Oak Harbor and Bellingham formative years stopped by out of the blue today for a quick visit.  It was fun to overhear their dude laughter, reminiscing about the good old days of debauchery.  It was also good to hear them talk about their kids, businesses, houses, remodeling projects, life.  This life span has so many phases and the thread of old friends weaving through to keep memories alive and share dreams with is a gift I hold close to my heart.

The perennials and shrubs in my yard are starting to feel like old friends too.  I've been nurturing some of them for 6 seasons now and get so excited to see the thrivers every spring.  Last year the hydrangeas didn't do their thing but it looks like we're back on good terms now.

These enthusiastic volunteers surprise me around every corner,

and I'm doing my best at keeping this elfin fairy from beheading all of them.

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