Tuesday, March 13, 2012

34 Yo

Genevieve kept giving me disappointed looks today after saying, "Mom, why aren't we having a birthday cake?" and me responding with "well, turning 34 is pretty benign.  It's not really a party year.  Getting noodles with you and sis at Haggen for lunch before grocery shopping is really all the party I can handle."

We did, however, have big plans to go out to dinner tonight that were foiled by a sudden fever (okay, it wasn't that sudden, Genevieve said she wasn't feeling too good this morning but I made her go to preschool anyway.  I really didn't think she was that sick.  I know, bad mom).

Brandy, our dear nanny from a former life, offered to watch the girls tonight while Drew and I got a rare date night out.  And then the real deal fever kicked in and we called it off.  So my birthday turned into sick kiddo snuggling, lots of facebook love from old friends, a visit from Buck and Sarah, a voicemail from Laura that made me smile, pizza and wine for dinner, an Iris delivered babka for dessert and a cheery bouquet of daffodils to make it all right. 

A not-so-benign birthday after all.

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