Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bitch Mode and Philosophical Differences

After yesterday's antics at the ER and last nights limited sleep I started this fine Sunday stuck in bitch mode.  Drew cooked a glorious breakfast of eggs benedict and while gathered around the table asked the preemptive question, "what are your expectations for today?"  I proceeded to rattle off a long list of home economics.  Then I begrudgingly left my breakfast half way through to put a grumpy snotty baby down for her nap.  I came downstairs to zero home economic activity - just Drew chilling on the couch flipping through a Victoria's Secret catalog.

Here's where the philosophical differences play out:

Drew:  What, I'm just relaxing.  What's the problem?

Me:  It's not okay to relax when so many chores need to get done.  That's called being lazy and unhelpful.

Drew:  The house isn't that bad.

Me:  What are you talking about, it's filthy.

Drew:  I think we have different standards of cleanliness.

Me:  You're right, and lucky for you, you live with me, otherwise you'd be living in squalor.  I'm going to go take a shower with G, speaking of filthy.  Try and do something that won't piss me off in the meantime.

And fortunately for Drew this is what we came back to:

And this afternoon he's relaxing on the couch and I'm easing my way out of bitch mode and into chill Sunday mode too.

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