Friday, March 23, 2012

Chickweed Bouqets and Cadillacs

Genevieve got to take her cousin to preschool with her today.  "WE'RE SO EXCITED" was their mantra on the quick drive.  Then we got there and they immediately got all shy and nervous but decided to be brave, stick together and "learn more than the boys ever could." 

While they were gone, Marguerite and I went for a town stroll.  Having Daddy work right across the street is the best for spontaneous mid morning hug sessions:

It's so beautiful out we were able to do this in the grass (she's laughing, not crying in this picture -  promise):

Uncle Darren was able to get in one more of these before starting the long journey home to Alaska:

When I went to pick up the girls they were more focused on pole dancing than academics, but still reported learning way more than the boys.  Hmmmm:

And they picked me a bouquet of chickweed flowers:

Now Darren and Cecilia are bombing down I-5 in a sweet caddie and I already miss them:

See you in July and thanks for lighting up our week!

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