Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home: AKA Glorified Studio Apartment

I have a habit of zonking out with the girls at 7:30 which leads to an odd three hours in the middle of the night of being wide awake.  I then stare ad nauseam at google image searches for "attic bedroom" and "shared small kids room" and "attic bathroom" and dream about a future that involves having more than one room with a door in my house.  I love my house - so don't get me wrong.  It's all of the potential that it still has that gets me all dreamy.  And it's "silent" protests by G that help keep us motivated to make it happen.  Here she is demonstrating what it would be like to have her own bedroom:

In the meantime, I've been working on smaller scale projects to sort out some major efficiency of crap issues.  Here's the before of our "entry":

Has anyone seen my other pink flip flop?  Or my keys?  Or my sanity?
And here's the "after" that makes me feel like a successful crap consolidator:

With all this sunshine I have a glimpse into the next season that won't involve copious amounts of outerwear to sort out.  Marguerite loves helping me pull weeds, and I love her new found abilities to not eat rocks and dirt and to make it up and down the porch stairs without blood or tears.  I'm sure I'll be googling "courtyard garden" at 3 this morning.  Here's my girl:

She didn't put that rock in her mouth I swear!

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  1. I can't wait till mine no longer wants to eat the rocks. How long does that take?