Monday, March 19, 2012

Portrait of a Haggard Mom

This cold continues to kick our ass and in a moment of deep self reflection while looking in the mirror this morning I realized something serious.  I've already started letting myself go.  It's only been two weeks since leaving my office job that required brushed teeth and hair, clean clothes and matching socks at minimum. 

What I saw in the mirror this morning: bangs sticking straight up, dorky glasses covered in baby fingerprint smudges, dark circles under my eyes from another night of being nursed on every hour by a fussy bambina, and a bad mismatched sweat pants (technically called sweet pants in our household) and hoodie number.  Not pretty. 

Here's as improved as I could get after my moment of truth and between diaper changes, breakfast shoveling, nose blowing and attacking Mount Washmore (I stole that from Erin and George) piled high in front of the washing machine - still pretty rough:

Self Portrait of a Haggard Mama

While celebrating my last day of work over a glass of champagne with my parents, my dad was curious to hear what I'd end up missing after being away from work for a bit.  So far, besides seeing my coworkers, I haven't missed much and am loving the routine me and the girls are falling into.  But what is already evident is that I'm going to need to dig deep and find my inner momshell to snap out of this frumpy downward spiral. 

Happy Monday to my power suit sisters! 


  1. Mt. Washmore is volcanic and spews dirty socks.

  2. Ha ha! Hi Erin! I miss you. Let's go car camping this summer. I want to see your organized rubber maids full of camping gear. And your cute toddler. xo