Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rain Check

I bagged my plan to leave the home front today and had a rainy day of extreme coziness instead. 

Genevieve and I have a night time ritual of snuggling in her bed and telling each other the best parts about our day.  Tonight, this is what she whispered in my ear,  "Baking chocolate chip cookies with you.  Cookie dough.  Cookie dough.  Chocolate chip.  Chocolate chip.  Brown sugar lump.  More cookie dough.  Two cookies!" 

Her second best part about the day was playing in Marguerite's crib:

For the second consecutive day Marguerite did not take her afternoon nap.  This may be the end of a two nap a day era.  Sigh.

After screaming "Mama!  Mama!"  and then switching to "G!  G!" for 20 minutes instead of going to sleep G pleaded to go upstairs to her.  When I followed a few minutes later Marguerite was somehow missing her shirt and both girls were squealing with giggles, jumping in her crib. 

The best part about my day was not having to drag my PMS self anywhere I didn't want to be today.  The second best part about my day is that Marguerite is finally asleep with brown bear:

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