Monday, March 12, 2012

Upstairs Day

Before being able to stay home with the girls full time the upstairs of my house was symbolic of what overwhelmed me in a too-full schedule and life.  Mountains of laundry baskets strategically pyramided with folded laundry waiting to be put away.  The scene of bedtime chaos that played out between me and two tired toddlers.  A half dead houseplant I could never remember to water.  Dust bunnies under the bed.  An art area for the girls piled high with abandoned projects leaving no room for art making.  A beautiful view rarely appreciated from our deck.

Today was so rainy that the closest we came to playing outside was cracking a window so Genevieve could let down her Rapunzel hair and walking to the Breadfarm for cookies and puddle stomping along the way:

And most of the rest of the day we played upstairs:

Marguerite spends a lot of time texting.  So rude.

More Rapunzel antics.

And now upstairs is my favorite place to be.  A place of retreat and play and just enough messy chaos to keep it real.

Marguerite has discovered the word "no" and responds accordingly to any question she is asked and gives this look:

And every good day of play gets topped off with this scene:

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