Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh Grass, Fox Heads and Biscuits

Drew was able to mow the lawn yesterday afternoon for the first time this year and it launched us into a garden planning frenzy that surely will result in planting a garden that is more than we can handle - but we're going for it anyway!

Here's the vegetable garden blank slate.  Consider this photo a before:

And here's more of that freshly mowed grass:

We created this covered sitting area last summer.  This is where my parents sit and shuck their oysters and drink beer after intensive grandparenting.  I'm thinking about adding some containers here this summer.  What do you think I should plant them with?:

Genevieve really wanted to visit Todd Horton in his art studio above the woodshop - well, that's what she said her motivation was, but really she just wanted to visit his creepy fox head:

We baked heart shapes biscuits to go with breakfast this morning.  You would think by their shape that they are full of love and harmony.  In reality they are full of whining 3 year old, tired crying 1 year old at my knee, impatient and under-caffeinated mama, and hungry/impatient daddy.  After our rocky start I deem today a garden day and NOT a kitchen day:

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