Sunday, March 25, 2012

Delegating and Quiet

Earlier today I deemed this a gardening day.  It sort of turned out that way - but was more a demonstration of my managerial and delegation skills alive and well.  Here's the majority of the gardening I did today:

I haven't turned into a man, that's Drew.  He's a willing and capable digger of holes, that which I am not.  I did get my ground cover weeded which is usually a nightmare - but it went fairly smooth this year.  I'm feeling ahead of the game.  We'll see how long that lasts.

The girls and I took a walk towards the dike.  I was feeling all sentimental while pushing the sisters in the double stroller, looking up at the spot on Blanchard Mountain where Drew and I got married.  I tried to capture my capsule of happiness in a photo.  Unfortunately the girls were not feeling it.  They protested in unison and abruptly marked our turn around spot:

The train wreck continued when we got home.  I need to start laying down the law with these girls when it comes to stripping off outerwear and leaving it all over the middle of the floor.  "G, I need you to pick up your fleece and boots" I say every time.  Today her response was, "No.  I'm too busy taking care of Gibby.  You can do it if you want mom." 

"Gibby" is Gibson the cat that Genevieve has deemed her baby.  Here they are in their spot:

The girls are tucked in after a late dinner (I came close to losing my battle with pie crust for the chicken pot pie I made.  Dough has been my nemesis today) and I'm posting from the gallery desk with a glass of wine and relative silence.

Wishing you all peace and quiet this fine evening!

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