Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tea Parties and Texting

Uncle Darren and Cecilia are out on a walk, Marguerite is on hour three of her much needed morning nap, and Genevieve and I are deep into a fully catered tea party:

I snapped these pictures with the intention of putting up this blog post, and then I thought, "nah, maybe I should chill out on the number of posts I'm doing."  And in that same moment this text from my mama friend Jen popped up and made me so happy!:

"Is it weird that I get excited when I see your blog posts?!  They are the best!  You're THAT mama now!" 

So, thanks my dear friend, and now wish me luck packing up this crew and hitting the Children's Museum this afternoon. 

Yes, it's true, sometimes I do leave Edison.  But rarely.  Our bend of the slough on a sunny day like today is usually all I need:

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