Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fighting Fevers, Chasing Leprechauns, ER Drama

Genevieve is fighting a fever and looked like this for most of the day:

And Marguerite and I started getting really antsy and badly in need of an outside adventure. 

As soon as Drew made it back from his nice little Saturday of hitting Home Depot and Costco, baby and I hit the town:

And then we came home, I casually fed her one of my cashews (more about that later) and put her down for a nap.  I saw my window of opportunity to work in my garden while both girls snoozed and have all of these signs of spring to share:

Bleeding Heart

The Tea Rose Survived Winter!


Pacific Giant Delphinium



Hollywood Plum

At the first peep from the baby monitor a pulled myself away from pulling weeds and went upstairs to get Marguerite out of her crib.  Here's where that cashew comes in.  She had an allergic reaction - horrible red itchy rash, swollen face - after a terrifying "cashew allergy" google search and even more alarming phone conversation with the triage nurse I dashed her to the ER, leaving Drew to tend to still feverish Genevieve.

She's fine now.  It was awful.  I for the most part kept it together.  It wasn't until I called Drew to let him know she was okay that I sobbed.  And the kind ER doctor took both of my hands in his and told me that she was fine and that I shouldn't lose a wink of sleep worrying about her tonight.

So here I am, worried, the video baby monitor at my fingertips so I can see and hear her breathing in her crib from downstairs.

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  1. Awful. I am so glad all is well now. Hard to sleep though, I bet. Camp out next to crib or even better snuggle her in close tonight. Thinking of you, brave realized mama.