Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brotherly Love

My big brother blasted into town today bedecked in Alaskana garb and spewing oil field potty mouth.  Just having him here makes me homesick for the Far North!  Luckily all of his rough edges get smoothed out by his beautiful traveling partner Cecilia, my 6 year old niece and his oldest of three.  Her composure and grace amaze me - and his gentle love for both her and my daughters temporarily make me drop my guard for the head lock and charlie horse that are sure to be doled out to little sister me even this far removed from our childhood. 

Being a little sister is my frame of reference for being a sibling.  Watching Marguerite find her way in little sisterville helps me remember what Darren and I were like as tots and how much of my early identity was connected to his.  It gives me hope for the relationship my girls will have as adults - yacking on the phone, dropping F bombs every other sentence, taking some time to one up without forgetting to be supportive, pushing a button or two just to prove how easy it is to do, and knowing that no matter what they will always have each others back.

Here are a few shots of little sister.  A renegade break-in through the door that separates our domestic world from the gallery.  She's finding her own way, even if she still relies on her big sister to open the door for her:

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