Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maui Baby

Our annual pilgrimage to the archipelago of paradise was the best ever this year.  Genevieve prioritized rocking her Rapunzel look:

And staying appropriately accessorized for the South Pacific:

I spent as much time as I could doing this:

And watching this:

Marguerite ate copious amounts of sand and smiled through it all:

And Genevieve figured out how to order pink smoothies from the beach side bar - an early lesson in getting a guy to buy your drink for you by being cute.  Or maybe I should think of it as self sufficiency?!

And speaking of self sufficiency, she also figured out the self serve popsicle snagging system:

I'm already dreaming about going back next year.  Minus the flight anxiety and tree rats and carrying the gigantic double stroller with three flat tires and two sleeping toddlers and two carseats and an overweight bag through the airport.  I won't show those pictures here, I wouldn't do that to you.  Aloha!

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  1. I skipped last year but am going this year. Nervous about traveling with a small one. Glad to see yours went well, for the most part.