Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Morning Chaos and Sister Empathy

Even with a solid 12 hours of sleep under her belt Genevieve was a complete disaster this morning and dragged through the routine of getting ready for preschool.  Her cream cheese was spread all wrong, her leggings were uncomfortable, her pony tail was dumb, her chipped fingernail polish was deemed DISGUSTING and UNPERFECT.

Marguerite is already out of sorts with her cold, but her sister's fit about waistband discomfort really tipped her over the edge.  "G tummy owie!  G tummy owie!  G!  G!  Nooooo!"  Their love for each other usually plays out with a lot of drama.  I hope that isn't permanent.

Here's a favorite picture of the sisters from the first evening we brought Marguerite home:

Sister love at its purest.

Once the dust of Genevieve's departure to preschool with her kind Daddy (who offered to take her and leave me to my robe and coffee and box of kleenex) settled, Marguerite and I reveled in a quiet and temporarily tidy home:

And so did Chuck:

When we go to pick up G in three short hours and hear about what fun she had at school it surely will be worth the struggles of the first hour of this day.

Wishing you all a drama free Tuesday!

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