Friday, March 30, 2012


Full disclosure.  Those pink polk-a-dot chucks I blogged about earlier are mine, not Genevieve's:

I had to come clean!

Genevieve had preschool this morning, so Marguerite and I tried out the big no morning nap experiment to see how things would go.  We hit Goodwill and scored all of these terracotta pots to transplant succulents and lavender into for the courtyard garden I'm planning:

We had enough endurance left in us after that to get a few groceries, and just couldn't pass up a 3 for 1 deal off the seed wrack:

I'm happy to report that Marguerite ate lunch and zonked out at 12:30 with no protest.  Maybe this nap time transition isn't so bad.  I'm okay with trading my morning ritual of domestic drudgery in for errand running with only one kiddo. 

I'm feeling well stocked for a rainy weekend of transplanting and cooking.  Sounds alright to me.

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