Saturday, March 24, 2012

Whipped Cream and Boys

No, Matt Phillips, I'm not talking about sex, drugs or rock and roll on my blog.  And no, Andrew Vallee, I'm not going to slip in any cleavage shots either.   If boobs are going to be mentioned at all here it will surely involve a detailed account of lactation. 

Back off boys, you're not my demographic.  This blog is sacred space where it's all butterflies and unicorns and fairies and hot chocolate with whipped cream.  Aren't the interwebs big enough for all of our interests?? 

G and I made hot chocolate while Marguerite napped.  We need an excuse to eat a huge amount of freshly whipped cream once in a while:

Genevieve has been wearing this for most of the day:

And Marguerite is broadening her horizons a bit and let me put a clippy in:

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